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We now have our full liquor license

We have our 


Finally after diving into to commit to a full bar, Nostalgia has it's full liquor license! We have a new bartender to add to our fun staff and look forward to having folks come sit, sip, and unwind!

With over 50 beers to choose from, over 35 wines we are sure you can find something for your taste buds. We offer 4 beers from a local brewery, Battle Hill Brewing Company located in Ft. Ann. They have created our very own beer on draft, Nostalgia, which is a favorite of many. We have a few IPA's along with a couple of porters and amber beers as well. If you would like to sample we recommend the beer flight where you can taste whats on draft with out a full glass. A taste of 4 for $7 and 6 for $9. 
We have recently added some delicious white wines to the menu and they too can be sampled with a wine flight, 4 for $17 and 6 for $25. Doesn't matter if it is a red wine or white wine you get to choose. It is another great way to taste with out a full glass to narrow down your choices and a reason to come back to Nostalgia Ale House & Wine Bar. We do offer all our wines by the glass or you can purchase the bottle. If you have a favorite wine you would like to share with us we would love the suggestion!
Husband Eric and I were not so stunned that we couldn’t order drinks, and examined the well-thumbed photocopied packet that lists many, many beers and a selection of better-than-usual wines. The server was nice enough to bring me a taste of the Anew semi-dry Riesling. There are three Rieslings, and there are three Pinot Grigios, three Cabernets and so on throughout the list, not one of them from a big bottle or box. Thank you very much, Nostalgia.
Caroline Lee/For The Daily Gazette
| October 22, 2017