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Murder Mystery Night

Posted on November 24, 2019 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Tired of Trivia? Here's something new and intriguing!

Hunt a Killer is an

interactive experience that is completely unique -- like being

transported into a TV show with items you can touch and secrets

to uncover. This experience is episodic. Think of each box as a

new episode, building on the one before it and adding more to

the story. You will conduct an investigation, establish means,

motive, and opportunity, and search for connections as you work

toward the gripping finale.

After each episode, you should be able to eliminate at least one

suspect. To do this, you’ll need to examine evidence from each

episode and cross-reference from past ones to put the pieces

together of what happened that night and why.


Come join us each Wednesday...if you miss a week we can catch you up to speed. The first night will to be go over the game.


If you have interest but Wednesdays don't seem like a good night, private message me and maybe we can arrange something.

Starts 12/4 at 7PM

Dine & Donate for Homeless Vets

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This event is to raise money for the Albany Housing Coalition where there mission is to get our homeless veterans off the streets. They offer rapid response to homeless veterans or those imminent risk of losing their housing. Provide furnishings to get them started.

Nostalgia will be hosting this event and the dining will be $30 per person and half the proceeds will be donated to Albany Housing Coalition.

Then menu: Tennessee Whisky sliders, chicken wings, deep fried mushrooms and pickles for apps, and lemon crusted salmon, flat iron steaks, chicken marsala, loaded potatoes, and a vegetable.


There is going to be one of our veteran patrons who will be singing for the festivities while he will be looking for donations by way of clothing, winter wear, boots, etc for the homeless vets or monetary donations. He is president of the Born Again Riders MC and Founder of the With A Caring Hand for Homeless.


Should be a great night. If you cannot make it we will be accepting any donation before the event. If all you can do is share this that is a huge help right there. Thank you.

Tennessee Whiskey Night

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This Weeks Chef Specials

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Exclusive Offer

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Want to Get Out But Flying Solo?

Posted on May 29, 2019 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (3)

When you enter Nostalgia you are greeted as if by a friend. If you choose to sit at the bar we always introduce ourselves let alone once people settled and comfortable we try to indroduce our regulars to new people and vice versa. It's a great way to make a new friend and know that when you return you can comfortably know someone will be there you know. We create a friend environment where a person can be comfortable in their own skin! Things have gone so well we have all of us going to hockey games, or down city baseball games etc. It's like living CHEERS only in 2019. So if you have been wanting to get out but holding back here is a time and a chance to do so comfortably.


Mention you saw the ad and your second drink will be on us. Looking forward to meeting you!                                                  

Nostalgia Trivia

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Our trivia night is definitely a great night out. Not only do we have 4 rounds so you can join in late or leave early...there are prizes each round. The prizes are any where from beers,  bottle of wine, food certificates, a liquid dessert, to local band concert tickets like The Rusted Root.

Another fun side note about our trivia is that we allow the customer to host trivia night as well. It allows you to finally be the question master and enjoy watching people loving your categories and questions. It brings new life to the game!

So come on out some Thursday night to Nostalgia and give our trivia a try! Great fun group of people. Single? Nostalgia is an awesome place to go if single because everyone there is so warm and inviting. Doesn't make you feel like your getting "picked up". We always introduce people so you can make new friends and know that the next time you come you will be doing the introducing.

Thursday Night Triva

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Come join us for four rounds of trivia with prizes at the end of each. That way you can stop in play any time and leave any time. If you would like to host a night of trivia (you pick the 40 questions) we give you the mic, and we provide the prizes.It's a lot of fun, just reach out and let us know.

Friday Night Karaoke

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A variety of ages, music, while enjoying pool, darts, and just singing together! We have so much fun it goes until 3:30 am!

Bring a Friend and Get Your First Drink FREE

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It's kind of like a buy one get one free only a different concept, you share It's not just at happy hour either.